Who are we?

« In March 2012, after our first trip to Bali, we decided a radical change of life: we moved to Bali »

We came as a result of contacts with potential local partners and our choice fell on Dive Concepts in Tulamben who was looking for a partner to open a branch in the Bali northwest region, unspoiled area where diving is beautiful and easy in all seasons.

Flo is installed for more than three years in Indonesia, its center located just in front of the Liberty wreck has prospered thanks to its aggressive pricing (to the delight of guests) and its friendly atmosphere and we recognized in the project to open a hotel, restaurant, dive club dedicated to lovers of diving and accessible to small budget travellers.

We want ours the Indonesian motto "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" (unity in diversity).

March 2013, the project has evolved, we want to welcome any vacationer to explore the area of Pemuteran in a comfortable place, where the common areas are nice and where guests can meet together but also keep quiet and alone. We have the idea of a (large) house where members can participate in the common life or simply enjoy the services offered.

Why Arjuna ?
Because the hotel is located Jalan Arjuna (Arjuna street) and Arjuna is one of the siblings Pandava heroes of the epic Mahabharata, it represents perfection, seduction and seen often depicted with his loyal servants : the wisdom and friendship. aren't they positive symbols enough? and Homestay because we want our guests feel at home.

The dive center was opened in July 2012 in a temporary location, the construction of the hotel began in October 2012, the inauguration took place on July 2013.

We are proud and excited to present to you, the hotel-home-Host of your next vacation: Arjuna Homestay

The Arjuna team